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Artwork Guidelines

Send artwork by email to, via Dropbox or with an online file-transferring platform such as WeTransfer.

If electronic file & hard copy are not submitted our staff artists will prepare a pleasing layout from your to-scale sketch at $35 (G) per half hour. Included in this service is a FREE ELECTRONIC PROOF.

Send a hard copy printout, PDF or JPG indicating color placement and composite final appearance.

Trapping we will adjust your electronic file to our production requirements.

Electronic proofs first proof available on request at no charge. Additional proofs will incur an additional charge of $15 (G) each.

Proofs for non-fulfilled orders must be billed at our true production cost.

Pre-production product proofs are available for some items at additional cost on quotation.

Customer supplied original or electronic art is returned with your order. If goods sent to third party, artwork will be returned to distributor UPS ground, insured for $100, pre-paid and charged to your account.

Our production artwork, films and dies remain the property of Artech and are available for use only on re-orders.

Templates are available for most products on our product template page.

Stock images are available to be used on any Artech product on our stock image page.

Calendars are available to be used on any Artech product on our stock calendar page.

Cut margin of 3/32" is the minimum space required between artwork elements and the die cut edge of the product.

cut margin and bleed

Bleed of 1/8" is the distance the ink is required to extend past the die cut edge of the product before final cutting.

Artwork size to determine the number of square inches of your artwork, multiply the total width by the total height.

Artech artwork size calculation

1.32” x 1.92” = 2.53 sqaure inches

Artwork should be created with : Adobe Illustrator CC • Adobe Photoshop CC • Adobe InDesign CC • Corel Draw X4

Acceptable file formats .eps, .ai, .pdf (press quality), .psd and .cdr.

Fonts convert all text to outlines or curves.

Linked images should be sent as seperate files or embedded into the document.

Screen printed products require vector artwork with solid colors. Raster artwork (e.g. photos, scanned images), half tones and gradients will not reproduce well. If raster artwork is the only art available, contact your customer service representative for details.

Screen-printing half-tones & gradients all spot colors are screen-printed at 76 lpi. Half-tones and gradients will be printed with a large dot pattern as shown below.

on-screen view
screen-printed at 76 lpi

Digital (full color) products require vector or raster artwork. If raster artwork is the only art available, please supply photos and images at a minimum resolution of 300ppi and text, logos and line art at 600ppi for the best results.

Acceptable image resolution
all images must be saved at a minimum resolution of 300 ppi for optimal imprint quality.
Non-acceptable image resolution
images saved below 300 ppi may print pixelated as illustrated above.

Spot colors should be supplied from the PANTONE Coated Chart only. We can only do exact PMS matching on screen-printed products.

Spot varnish available on quotation.

Scratch-off inks available on quotation.

Compressed Lamination will darken the colors. We cannot do exact PMS matching on compressed laminated products.

Four Color Process printing requires the artwork and images to be saved in CMYK. If artwork is supplied as RGB the colors may change once printed. Exact PMS matching is not possible when printing four color process. A pre-press proof is strongly recommended if color matching is critical.

File Necessities

• A vector file with all the fonts converted to outlines or a complete layered Photoshop file at a minimum of 300 dpi at final output size is required in CMYK. No more that 10 layers are accepted.

• Each element needs to be on its own layer, such that if a layer were turned off, there would be image behind it.

• If dieline is to be used, please provide as vector art.


• Textured and colored backgrounds are necessary and act as deterrents to ghosting.

• Do not use white or extremely light backgrounds or flat tints.


• Avoid alternating white and black type, which has a tendency to ghost.

• If verbiage is flipping, try to keep it in the same position.

• Keep font size at 8 point or larger.

Die Cut & Bleed

• A minimum of 1/8" bleed is required.

• To ensure subjects, text and/or logos are not trimmed off, keep all important information 3/32" away from the die cut, the “safe area.”

• 3D pieces require an additional 0.5" on both left and right to allow for parallax, in addition to bleed.

lenticular margin and bleed


• Color tends to print fuller/richer on press than on the virtual proof.

• Due to the difference in materials and lenticular’s lens structure, we cannot color match to paper or other substrates.

• We cannot match Pantone colors on lenticular.

3D Effect

The illusion of depth and distance between elements from the foreground to background.

• The 3D effect requires an additional .5" on left and .5" on right of piece.

• Completely layered files are required. For example: If in a picture a person is in front of a mountain, the person would have to be removed digitally and put on a seperate layer and the part of the mountain covered by that person would have to be rebuilt. No more that 10 layers are accepted. If files are received flattened or not completely layered, additional charges may apply.

• 3D effect can only be achieved from left to right.

lenticular margin and bleed

2 and 3 Image Flip Effect

The fast transition between distinct elements.

• Requires layered files of the elements that will be flipping to and from.

• Recommend top to bottom flip effect, unless this will be a walk-by piece, such as a magnet.

• Similar size flipping elements are most effective.

lenticular margin and bleed

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